Friday, August 16, 2013

Alenushka-WA in Portland,OR

Зрителям запомнился колоритный танцевальный коллектив «Аленушка» из Сиэтла, штат Вашингтон, который покорил разнообразием репертуара, танцевальным мастерством и яркими красочными костюмами. В репертуаре танцевального шоу были такие народные танцы, как «Русский перепляс», «Хоровод», «Коляда» и другие, поставленные талантливым руководителем этого коллектива Реной Лисиковой.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Issaquah Valley Elementary

February 8, 2013
Dear Russian Dance Group "Alenushka"

On behalf of Issaquah Valley Elementary's Cultural Fair Committee and the entire student body, we personally thank you for your group's spectacular performance.

We truly enjoyed watching the artistry of your group and have learned much about your country's
rich history demonstrated through the performance.

We also want to thank each member of your group for their time and effort in traveling to our school and sharing their culture through this performance.

Your contribution has made a huge impact by providing a unique educational experience
for the children that cannot be learned in a classroom.
We appreciate your support in our school's continuing effort to enrich our students in learning the diversity of our world through events like the cultural fair.

This effort would not have been possible without the contribution made by you and your performance group.

Thank you again for your generosity and support of our school's Cultural Fair.